Musician Spotlight: Jack White, Vinyl Proponent

Jack White, known for The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather, is not only a talented musician but is also doing his part to keep vinyl relevant.

His solo album, Blunderbuss, was the top selling LP of 2012.  It knocked off the perennial vinyl top-seller, The Beatles’ “Abbey Road,” which had claimed that spot for the last three years.  “Blunderbuss” is also the bestselling new vinyl album (excluding reissues and catalog titles such as  “Abbey Road”) since 2008 (read more here).

He also has announced that his label, Third Man Records, along with Document Records, will be reissuing over 25,000 tracks of obscure pre-war and country blues music on vinyl for no profit, called the Document Records Reissues Series.  His aim is to make the rare recordings accessible for everyone.  He said, “It’s very important to American history and also to the history of the world.”

Third Man Records’ slogan is “Your Turntable’s Not Dead.”  Third Man hasn’t released a single CD and has no plans to do so.  All 36 singles or albums so far have come out only on digital download or vinyl.

“I think it’s the most reverential format because you’re very involved, you’re dropping the needle yourself, you’re part of the mechanics of the music. When we pop this iPod on we don’t really see any moving parts, so it’s not very romantic to us, it just becomes a machine, like a microwave or something. You don’t really know why it’s working, you just know when the food’s hot,” explained White to BBC 6 Music.

He doesn’t feel that way just about vinyl.  He also gets involved in the mechanics of music other ways, too.  Below is a clip of White building his own guitar out of some pretty interesting materials from the documentary, It Might Get Loud.

It makes sense then that it was also announced that White is the official Record Store Day ambassador for 2013.  Read his statement on the news here.


What other musicians are you a fan of that value the importance of vinyl and preserving music history? Will you be purchasing any of the Document Records Reissues Series?  What are you planning for Record Store Day 2013?  Comment below to discuss!

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