Sneak Peek: Audiogon Mobile App!

It’s hard to find anyone without a smartphone these days, and it seems the things you can do on your phone are limitless. Hence the saying, “There’s an app for that!”


Coming this summer, there will be an app for Audiogon, too!  Here are some of the features:

  • Take pictures and list your items in minutes
  • Check your daily digest of the most recent items
  • Keep track of your Favorite Sellers and check your Watchlist
  • Make or Accept an Offer, or Buy It Now
  • Ask a seller a question or send a message
  • Browse by category
  • Search by condition, price range, location, and more
  • Get notifications for messages, items you’ve bid on, and items you’re watching
  • and much more!

What would you like to see on our Audiogon mobile app? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Finally an audiogon app, great ! Something that might be useful is to provide an easy way for members to link to youtube presentations of their systems.

    1. Yes, it will include push notifications for saved searches. This feature will be on the web version soon as well!

  2. html 5 so it runs everywhere. Connections to social, function like red laser ie scan a bar code etc and search, search near me proximity support.

  3. For android, make sure you follow Android’s design guidelines. People are much more likely to use an app if it’s designed properly and not just a port! 🙂

  4. Should use HTML5 so you are rewriting the app 5 times and keeping many code bases up to date. The features I use every day on the ebay app are: Easy location based search, easy viewing of watch list, and saved searches are a huge win. Also, please make more people in the Chicago area sell the stuff I need. 🙂

  5. Some updates from the developer (that’s me!)…..YouTube will be present for listings, saved searches with push notifications will happen, searches by location will be included, we plan to initially launch iPad, iPhone, and Android versions (and will look into Windows and Blackberry soon!)…..we are about 25% done and will keep you all up to date as it’s being built!

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