Is Vinyl Hip Again?

Just like we’ve seen a resurgence in older styles of music and even older groups getting together for reunion concerts (see our previous article, Vintage Revival), there’s also been a resurgence in the way we’re listening to this music.

2012 marked the fifth straight year of record LP sales, totaling 4.6 million, and the Consumer Electronics Association projects a 40% growth in turntable sales this year.

Something seems to be going on here, and it’s not just the people who grew up listening to vinyl.  A survey by the organizers of Record Store Day revealed that 81% of vinyl consumers were below the age of 35.  These days you’ll find records in stores that are “cool” like Urban Outfitters and with thrift shopping becoming more fashionable as well, they are becoming part of the culture and the discussion again.

In a digital generation, it is puzzling to think about how this would be the case.  While there is a lack of tangibility in owning digital music (you can’t physically hold the album or touch the cover), the current generation should be more well-adjusted to digital versions of music, movies, books, coupons, boarding passes, and everything than the rest of us, right?  …well, maybe not.

Or is this trend really motivated by a true desire for greater sound quality?  Or simply the collect-ability and “cool” of vinyl?  It’s hard to say.

What do you think?  Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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