High Fidelity Cables: Clarity from Magnetic Conduction

High Fidelity Cables is using a unique technology to help keep that pristine clarity to the sound – letting your music sound as good as it should be.

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The technology we speak of is magnetic conduction. Watch the video below to hear Rick Schultz, owner of High Fidelity Cables, explain what a difference this makes.

First, you must know that with every electrical conduction through a cable, there is a magnetic field surrounding it.  Utilizing magnetic conduction maximizes the magnetic as well as the electrical force, unlike other methods of signal conduction, bringing you a more direct signal.

In effect, High Fidelity uses magnetism to keep the electrical signal flow aligned and to minimize the random pathways for electrons within and along the conductor.

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Two main parts have much to do with this increased clarity – the CT-1 conductor and the PinLok connector.

CT-1 Conductor

The CT-1 is composed of a proprietary alloy, wrapped in Teflon, and made in a coaxial configuration. The inner core of the CT-1 is encased in a braided sleeve that serves as the ground connection. With this design, cables can be routed without concern for crossing power cables or picking up random noise. The coaxial design also helps to focus magnetic energies back into the cable core. This supports both the magnetic and the electrical transfer functions. The advantage is a light, flexible, low noise, low loss and highly functioning technology for transferring an audio signal.


PinLok is designed to improve signal transfer and help overcome the weakest link in the audio system — the mechanical connection where the signal must migrate from the female sleeve to the male pin of the RCA. In order for a traditional male pin to fit inside the female sleeve, the pin must be smaller in diameter than the sleeve. This creates a gap that the signal will have to cross over, and this gap creates the opportunity for signal loss and distortion. The amount of surface contact of the signal carrying elements in traditional RCA connectors is minimal; and the less contact, the greater the resistance. For this reason, the CT-1 PinLok connector applies a unique split pin-ball style male termination. The uncompressed ball at the end of the CT-1 connector is designed to be larger in diameter than the female sleeve. Insertion pressure collapses the split ball, while spring pressure expands the ball and creates maximum contact area, which lowers electrical resistance.

Beyond this, the CT-1 connector is coated on the ball with a unique conductive polymer called Stabilant 22. This polymer becomes conductive in the presence of signal transfer and helps to reduce resistance even further. The connector also includes mechanical damping to lower distortions caused by the transfer of mechanical noise.


Once you experience the clarity and lack of distortion magnetic conduction brings to your audio system, there is no going back to older cable technologies.


Take a look at what some of our users have had to say about these cables:

“At 1100 hours after installation, I can say with certainty Rick Schultz has hit this one out of the park! Installs effortlessly and its sleek appearance is aesthetically appealing to all. Upon powering up the system one immediately ‘feels’ the cable’s presence while experiencing a system transformation. It is literally altering the conductivity of the entire audio system.” –Tddupuy

“My audio definition has been changed quite permanently. Installing the first pair between my DAC and preamp, I knew right away my system was way more musical. Putting a second pair between my preamp and amps and a CT-1 as a digital interface from my Transport to DAC took the sound to a stark reality…These cables are VERY special; hearing is believing.” –Rx8man

“Astounding! Open, detailed, and a dynamic sound stage that captures the harmonic structures in totality. You forget you are listening to your system and just fall into the music. Another great achievement by the master!” –Jimyork

“‘Unlimited’ was my first impression. I can detect absolutely no compression. Tonality and coherence are unaltered. This cable does not play favorites. Bass is so controlled and dynamic, relaxed may be a better word…The only interconnect I have ever heard that actually disappears in the audio chain. This is the interconnect to which all others will/should be compared. A true reference component.” –Prosoundman

“I can’t put into words how much my system has transformed…The clarity and sound is so natural. The soundstage is like nothing I ever heard. Resolution is breathtaking and inner detail is simply hard to believe possible. The sound has transended and now it simply does not seem as though I have speakers. My system is musicians playing music.” –Alpass


To read more, click here.

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