Featured Sampler Artist – Jen Chapin

jen chapin


About Jen Chapin

This week’s Featured Artist from our Wake Up Your Ears sampler is Jen Chapin.  Her music is urban folk — story songs that search for community and shared meaning, powered by the funk, soul and improvisation of the city.  Critics have hailed her work on her albums Linger (2004) and Ready (2006) as “brilliant.. soulfully poetic” (NPR), “thoughtful.. worth-savoring” (People), “addictive” (Boston Globe), “smart, observant, lyrically deft, politically aware and emotionally intuitive” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).  JazzTimes has called her “a first-rate storyteller” while Relix regards her as “one of the freshest voices singing today.”  She has been featured on “Late Nite with Conan O’Brien,” honored by the USA Songwriting Competition, appeared on stage with Bruce Springsteen, and opened up for Bruce Hornsby and the Neville Brothers.  Her performances are powerful, spotlighting the world-class musicianship and rare chemistry of husband/acoustic bassist Stephan Crump and guitarist Jamie Fox, with the frequent special addition of guitarist Liberty Ellman.  As an activist, educator and mother, Jen also brings the knowledge and insight of varied experience (student/traveler in Mexico and Zimbabwe, BA in International Relations, longtime Member, Chair and Secretary of the Board of WHY – (http://www.whyhunger.org) to her workshops and presentations to college, community and church groups.


Featured Track on Wake Up Your Ears

Ms. Chapin’s intimate interpretation of the classic Stevie Wonder song, “You Haven’t Done Nothing,” makes for a fascinating journey.  The jazzy interplay of the trio with Chapin’s vocals, Chris Cheek’s saxophones and Stephan Crump’s stand up bass, together cut to the funky heart of the matter.  The three players’ sounds should take on a truly holographic presence between your two speakers.


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