How To Clean Anodized Aluminium

Anodized aluminum is used for most faceplates on high end audio equipment.  You can avoid stripping or scuffing the finish by avoiding alcohol and/or ammonia based cleaners.  Here are some ideas to help you keep your faceplate finishes  shining like new.


  • If you CAN entirely remove the anodized portion, e.g. faceplate, a quick soak in mild dish soap and hot water, followed by a microfiber cloth wipe down will thoroughly and gently clean all oil and dirt smudges. 
  • If you CANNOT remove the anodized portion, mix up a gentle solution of dish soap and water and use a stiff art paintbrush made of soft bristles to remove the dirt.  Then wipe it down with an old t-shirt damp with hot water to remove any soap residue.
  • For spots which resist the above solutions, try Goo Gone and wipe off with an old soft t-shirt.


  • NEVR-DULL is a product that some swear by to bring back a glossy shine to the surface.
  • Automotive polish, like Turtle Wax ICE, also works wonders.

If you have noticeable scratches, you can always use a Sharpie of the appropriate matching color to fill in and erase those nasty scratches.  After the surface is completely dry you should add a coat of polish and gently buff  to finish.  Of course, that’s our little secret.

Add your tips to the comments!

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