A+ Product Protection – More Details



Starting this summer, Audiogon will proudly begin offering A+ Product Protection through a unique partnership with Global Warranty Group, the nation’s leading provider of warranty service, to help guard your item in the event that you need it.

Let Audiogon’s A+ Product Protection help you buy and sell with confidence.  With 1 year extended coverage starting as low as $12.99, either a buyer or seller will be able to add this protection plan to qualifying products. Audiogon’s A+ Product Protection covers 2-way shipping, 100% parts and labor, and there’s no deductible.   To read more about the plan’s features, click here.

How It Works


If the item meets the qualifications, the Seller has the option of purchasing an A+ Protection plan when listing an item.  Upon selling the item, the protection plan can be easily transferred to the buyer’s name at no additional cost.


If the item qualifies and the seller has not already added a protection plan, buyers will also have the option of adding a protection plan during check-out. A+ Product Protection costs are determined by the item’s price.


A+ Product Protection is available on items rated 7 or higher, no more than 10 years old, US sales only, and must be under $10,000.  Coverage, including power surge protection, will begin on the 46th day after the sale.  Plans will run for 1 year after date of purchase.


If you find that you need service, there is a toll-free number available 24/7/365 to assist you in setting up repairs.  Shipping costs to the repair provider will be covered both ways, but you will be required to properly pack your item for the journey to the repair technicians.

In the event that your item cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a like-kind and quality product.

Audiogon’s A+ Product Protection plan is administered by GWG and backed by Starr Companies.  Starr Companies has assets currently over $10.6 billion and are rated an A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.


  • A+ Product Protection starts as low as $12.99 for one year
  • List an used Musical Fidelity DAC for $279, add A+ Product Protection for just $24.99
  • Buy a new-in-box Cary Audio music server for $1500 and spend less than $100 to protect yourself from future repairs or power surges


Keep an eye out on the Hub for our introduction of the program this summer.   In the meantime, are you excited about the A+ Protection Plan? We are!

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