Your Favorite Local Musicians


Do you have a favorite local musician or artist?  What about a band or performer that has a great following in your town,  but isn’t nationally well-known?  Audiogon wants to know about them!

Shop Locally is a phrase we see nearly every day, but how often do we see “Listen Locally”?  We’re not referring to music acts that tour internationally with a stop in your city.  No, we’re talking about homegrown local artists who either haven’t caught that big break or have chosen not to become a giant touring behemoths.

Remember, back in your teenaged days, you’d go out every weekend to see a local showcase of bands.  Some were good, some were awful, and some eventually got picked up by major labels with some success.   Didn’t it feel great when you turned someone new onto your local act? Or when you heard one of your hometown heroes on the radio for the first time?

One of our favorites is Cowboy Mouth.  N’Awlins blues-rock, with a dash of punk. A staple of New Orleans Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras, they’ve cultivated pockets of die-hard fans all the way up to Chicago by playing the festival circuit  Click here for their remaining spring tour dates.

Here’s Cowboy Mouth performing the energetic fan-favorite “Jenny Says”

We also really LOVE, “The Love Dogs.” They are starting their annual summer tour in and around Boston.  Here is a link to their scheduled dates.

Here’s a clip of The Love Dogs.  See if you like them as much as we do!

Let’s keep that word of mouth tradition alive!  Listen Locally!

In the comments below, tell us about the artists and their homebase.  Please share your favorites and don’t limit it to the U.S.  There are great bands around the world that deserve recognition!

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