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Here’s some more news about A+ Product Protection – coming this week!


Question: When does the coverage begin for the AUDIOGON A+ Product Protection Plan?

Answer: The A+ Product Protection Plan begins 46 days after the date you purchased your item.  


Question: I am seller and I want to offer the A+ Product Protection Plan on my listing. How do I do this?

Answer: When you list your product to sell there will be a section on the listing entry page for you to mark that you want to offer the A+ Product Protection Plan.


Question: I am buyer and I want to purchase the A+ Product Protection Plan and the seller does not offer this option. Is there an option for me to purchase the plan?

Answer: Yes, you will have an option to purchase the plan during the checkout process if the seller has not included the plan on their listing.


Question: If I am a Seller and I have added the plan to my listing, how is my protection plan transferred to the Buyer?

Answer: When your item sells, it will automatically be transferred into the Buyer’s name at NO additional charge.  You will not need to do anything.


Question: What if my item does not sell? Do I have to keep the protection plan?

Answer: In the event your item does not sell, you will have the option either to A) relist your item with the protection plan included, B) choose not to relist the item and keep the protection plan for your products OR C) choose not to relist the items and cancel the plan.  If you choose to cancel the plan, you will be refunded the plan amount less a processing fee of $4.99.  When your listing either closes or expires, you will be emailed instructions on how to proceed.


Question: When do I receive my paperwork regarding the protection plan?

Answer: You will be emailed all of your plan paperwork directly from GWG within 45 days of buying the item.


Question: What is the coverage term of my plan and what is the start date of my plan?

Answer: The term of the plan is one year from the purchase date.  Coverage begins on day 46.  For a Buyer, the start date of the plan is the day you purchased the item.  For a Seller, if you have elected to keep the plan when your listing your item, the start date is the day you closed your listing or the listing expired.


Question: Is this program backed by an insurance program and if so who is the insurance company?

 Answer: AUDIOGON’S A+ Protection Plan is administered by GWG and backed by Starr Companies. Starr Companies has assets currently over $10.6 billion, and Starr Companies are also rated an A (Excellent) by A.M.Best.


Question: What products qualify for A+ Product Protection?

Answer: Only products that are rated 7 or higher, less than ten years old, reside in the US, and are priced between $1 – $99999.99


Question: When my product needs service, what number do I call and what information will I need for the call?

 Answer: For service you will call Toll Free 866-224-6429. The call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and is located in the United States. When you call in for service you will be asked for your agreement number. If you do not have your agreement number handy, we will be able to find your agreement by using the name and or phone number you used when you purchased the plan.


Question: When my product requires service, who pays for the shipping of the product to the service center?

 Answer: We will pay for the shipping of the product to the service center and we will also pay for the shipping of the product back to you after it is repaired. You will be required to pack the product properly in a box for shipping.


Question: What happens to my product if the service cannot be repaired?

 Answer: If your product cannot be repaired it will be replaced with a like kind and quality product.


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