Update: Release Notes


We have deployed an update to that will enhance the purchasing process, as well as make communication even easier.

1. Buyers and Sellers will now be able to reply via personal email.   You will no longer be required to login to your Audiogon account to respond to messages;  simply hit reply via your personal email to all Audiogon messages and they will reach the intended recipient.

2. Upon accepting an offer, the Buyer’s contact information will now be provided to the Seller.  This new process means that as soon as the Seller accepts an offer, we will reveal the Buyer’s contact details.

The new purchasing process will look like this:

  • Seller accepts an offer
  • System NOW reveals Buyer’s contact information and provides it to the Seller
  • Buyer submits PAYMENT
  • System deposits balance (total – transaction fee) directly into the Seller’s Paypal (when applicable) account.

By streamlining this process, transaction fees will be deducted when a Buyer enters payment (when applicable) and thus ensure that the entire transaction can be completed, closed, and archived at the time of checkout.  You no longer have to go back and manually close orders.  The types of payments accepted have not changed and remain under the discretion of the Seller.

With this update, you’ll be able to get back to listening even more quickly.  If you have any questions, Audiogon’s Support Team is only a click away!


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