Say HELLO to A+ Product Protection

A+ Banner final3

We’re a unique breed, us audiophiles.  Purchasing a new piece of equipment isn’t as simple as picking out a blender.  We have to plan and budget, talk to our friends, seek advice from experts, and try to anticipate each scenario that could affect our enjoyment of the component.  It goes deeper than am everyday purchase – audio equipment is an investment.

That’s why we developed the A+ Product Protection in partnership with Global Warranty Group, the nation’s leading provider of warranty service and claims administration.  With 1-year plans starting as low as $12.99, let Audiogon help protect your investment!


Adding A+ Product Protection to your listing is easy.

As a Seller, once you enter a few details about your item, you’ll see a notification that tells you whether your product is eligible or not.


Buyers also have the opportunity to purchase A+ Product Protection on eligible listings that have not already included it.


Even if your listing doesn’t sell, you can choose to keep A+ Product Protection for yourself or relist the item.  You’re not committed to keeping the plan either – you can choose to remove it for a full refund minus a small processing fee.

So make purchasing new equipment less stressful and protect your investment with A+ Product Protection! To learn more, go here.

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