Bumper Sticker Contest – Voting Begins!

Thank you to everyone who entered Audiogon’s Audiophile Bumper Sticker contest! It wasn’t easy to choose the semi-finalist slogans, so we think you’ll be challenged to pick your favorite from the choices below.

As a reminder, the five semi-finalists will all receive a listing credit applied towards their account.  The winner, chosen by you, gets $25 to spend at HDtracks!


Vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of this page through September 4th!

#1 submitted by sat7

got vinyl?

#2 submitted by rburke

It’s too late for me; I’m already a GONer

#3 submitted by jig

Tube be or not tube be?

#4 submitted by pbrain

High end audio is a SOUND investment

#5 submitted by cnbanda

Back off! I’m listening to High Res!

CLICK HERE to vote!

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