When Did You Start to Love Music & Why?

Audiogon Member, PhD, wants to know “When did you start to love music and why?”  He starts off the discussion with his own experience:

“My story is short but in 1962 our family lived on military housing in France. My folks purchased a Grundig tube console stereo and loved playing music with friends. This was my introduction to music. Interestingly when the Grundig (German made)stereo broke down we called for a French repairman. All he could do was cuss as he tried to make repairs. Finally he gave up and said only a german repairman could fix it.

I personally think that music is like a time machine and can instantly transport you back to a time and place but just as important it can be exciting and or relaxing.”

Chipmunk records as a kid circa 1963.

Great thread! My mother was a pianist and vocalist- quite good at both. From my earliest memory I was daily in the presence of live music. Of course I’d give anything to hear that again.

Music was a major part of childhood. My father played guitar, my brother and mother played the piano. In fact, later in life my dad built a little recording studio on the garage so he would make music with my mom. My love affair started when my parent bought me a little RadioShack AM/FM radio when I was about 6 years old. I would spend hours listening to music in my bedroom. I remember spending countless Sundays listening to Casey Kasem’s America’s Top 40. Then my dad bought his first HiFi system when I was in 6th grade. It was a Kenwood system with a turntable. Oh man, every chance I got I would play music on it, spinning a lot of my Dad’s Beatles, Billy Joel, and Santana records. In my teenage years I got more and more into car audio. No, I wasn’t one of those punks that played music from my car annoyingly loud with too much bass. I sought to build an audiophile car audio system. This eventually consisted of Boston Acoustics separates, Pioneer head unit, Pioneer cd changer, JL Audio subwoofer, and a couple of Sony amps – very nice sound. Fast forward through college, grad school, kids, house, divorce, etc., and music remains a constant in my life. I have been fortunate enough to have the means to spend somewhat frivolously on this hobby/passion of mine. For that I am grateful. I hope my kids have the same love of music I have and find the same kind of joy, comfort, and respite in music that I have.

No one at home was “into” audio, except for the radio (2-in-1) that used to play for couple of hours each day. Started as a fascination for mini-audio systems from Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, Technics etc. when I was in school (7th grade maybe). This was mid-80s. We could not afford those systems at that point. I would occasionally hear such system at some “rich kid’s” place. Then one day, I heard a Bose system at my dad’s friend’s place and that was the “best” music I ever heard. This was the tipping point – from “gadget” to “music”. The “loudness” factor from the mini-system seems so crude compared to the actual music flowing through the Bose system (yeah bash me). Music was more melodious on this system than anywhere else I had heard before. That started my audio journey. It took me years to get the first system. But till then I had a Sony Walkman with a good headphone set and made sure that I recorded my favorite music in the best possible resolution (Metal/Chrome Tapes).

When? Ever since I first heard it.
Why? “And It was very good.” – Genesis 1:31

Actually, Louis Armstrong was the first to really bring it home for me. I was 5.

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