Release Notes – 12.09.13


We have added  new Premium Listing OPTIONS!  Our Basic $4 Listing is still available.

Make the Listing choice that suits you best – Premium or Basic!

Introducing the Premium OPTION:
Premium Listings include simple, flat fee pricing, and these enhanced features:

  • Load up to 16 photos
  • Include contact information
  • May restrict buyers to US only
  • Rich Text formatting on listing descriptions
  • Free one time Re-list in the event your item does not sell in the allotted amount of time
  • Discounted add-ons: Turn your listing into an eye-catcher by upgrading to bold and featured for only $20
  • Listing Quick View *NEW* (This feature will allow prospective buyers to simply click a button from an item titles to display a summary of listing details without having to open the entire listing.)



Basic Listings 

  • $4 listing fee
  • 2% transaction fee (now minimum $2/maximum $195)
  • Load up to 6 photos
  • May restrict buyers to US only
  • Plain-text item descriptions
  • Buyers are allowed to pay via PayPal


Please note:

  • All Music and Media listings remain FREE to list
  • Basic Listings will only include plain-text item descriptions and allow buyers to pay via PayPal
  • Premium Listings allow buyers to pay for items with all payment types
  • All pricing changes and new listing options will apply to items posted after this change.

Updated listing Guidelines can be found here.


As always, if you have any concerns please let us know by messaging us here.

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