Audiogon Basics – Entering a Listing


If you’re new to Audiogon, or haven’t listed anything for a while, here’s a primer to help you get started with selling.

The Basics

 Choose your listing type

 class Runs for 30 days with a price that is firm (Buy it Now) or negotiable (Make Offer). Both can be selected if desired.
 auc Runs for 3-14 days (your choice.) You decide the opening bid and let the market determine it’s worth. A Reserve price ensures you do not sell too low


Seller’s Fees

  • Basic Equipment listing fees are $4.00 per listing, plus a 2% transaction fee based on the final sale price. ($2.00 min, $195.00 max)


  • Premium Equipment listing fees

premium fees

  • All Media, Music, and Software Listings are free to list


The Details of your Listing

The Title

  • Brand: This will be the Manufacturer’s brand name
  • Model: Enter the manufacturer’s model number
  • Title Ending: This is a brief description including keywords. This is also the place for “Free Shipping” or “Limited Edition”


Optional Upgrades for Increased Exposure

  • Bold: Additional cost of $5.00, your listing appears in bold type in search results, drawing more eyes to it.
  • strFeature: Additional cost of $20.00 your listing receives exposure on the home page as well as the front page of the category during the length of your ad. Your listing also has a star by it in search results.
  • These can be combined for added benefit.


Item Description

  • This is the who/what/when/where of your item. Be as descriptive and informative as possible. Include facts such as the year manufactured, information about owner history, any tweaks or upgrades made, unique characteristics of the item, any visible defects. Mention if the item comes in pairs, includes any accessories, or will require any accessories. This is also the place to specify any specific shipping restrictions.

Rate Your Item’s Condition

  • Use the official Audiogon grading scale for consistent grading compared to other users.
    • New: Unopened Factory shipment
    • 10/10: Mint – Essentially never used, factory fresh appearance!
    • 9/10: Excellent – Perfect physical condition, light use.
    • 8/10: Very Good – Perfect front face, 1 minor flaw on top or side is acceptable.
    • 7/10: Good – 1 or 2 minor scratches, looks used but well maintained.
    • 6/10: Fair – 3 to 4 minor scratches, or 1 major scratch, appears used.
    • 5/10: Average – Multiple scratches, including some on the front face.
    • 4/10: Mediocre – Rough physical condition, but all funtions work perfectly.
    • 3/10: Poor – Rather beat up, but all funtions work, maybe a knob is missing.
    • 2/10: Very Poor – Beat up, bent knobs or switch levers, some functional problems
    • 1/10: Shot – For parts use only.

Choose the Accessories Included

  • Do you have the original box?
  • Is there a remote included?
  • Do you have the owner’s manual?

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

  • Include up to 6 photos free of charge. Click “Choose File” to pick each image. Images should be less than 3MB and in jpg, gif, or png formats



  • From the menu, highlight the primary category, then choose the appropriate subcategory.


Type Dependent Choices


  • Enter the price when new (optional)
  • Enter the reserve price (optional-lowest price that you will sell at)
  • Enter the opening bid
  • Choose how long your auction will run (3-14 days)

  • Enter the asking price
  • Enter the price when new (optional)
  • Choose how users can purchase your item
    • Buy it now means that buyers agree to pay your asking price. Should a buyer choose this option, your listing is closed immediately as sold.
    • Make Offer – for more information on how this works, see our article in the Hub



  • Shipping Dimensions: Although this is optional, we suggest entering the details so it is easier for local buyers to determine if pickup is a viable option. This information is also vital in obtaining accurate shipping quotes.
  • Shipping Weight: This is in pounds
  • Shipping Zip code: Enter the zip code the item is shipping from if in US, or country if outside the US.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the countries you will ship to.
  • Choose the method of shipping from the choices provided:
    • Fedex
    • Pickup
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • Other
  • Choose who is responsible for shipping costs; you or the buyer.
  • Verifiy contact information. All fields are required. This information is only provided to the buyer when the item moves to a sale.
  • Continue to Preview your Listing.


Review and Payment

Review your listing

  • If you need to make any changes, click on “Change Something” to return to your editing page, complete your edit, then choose “Preview Listing” again.
  • Once you have confirmed your listing is ready to go live, click “Continue to Checkout”

Continue to Checkout

  • Your order total will be listed first
  • Choose your payment method
    • Pay by credit card: This is completed on-site
    • Pay by PayPal: You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction
    • Debit from Account balance: This option will only appear if you have a credit balance on your account to debit from.
  • Click on “List My Item” to complete the process. By doing so, you are agreeing to Audiogon’s Terms of ServicePrivacy, and Dispute Resolution policies.


If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team here

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