What’s Happening at T.H.E. Show Las Vegas This Week? (press release)

show vegas 16th

** For Immediate Release **
January 5, 2014

T.H.E. Show, Las Vegas may not be the largest electronics show in town this week, but it is extremely significant in the world of High-End Audio.

This year’s The Home Entertainment Show: Las Vegas, in the Executive Conference Center at the Flamingo Hotel on The World-Famous Las Vegas Strip, runs concurrent with the all-encompassing CES (Consumer Electronics Show), January 7 – 10, 2014. T.H.E. Show Las Vegas offers the finest in innovations in high-end audio. Everything from the most exclusive developments in headphones to a MILLION DOLLAR system!

From Mark Levinson’s personal exhibit, demonstrating the latest developments in his “Daniel Hertz S.A.” line to The Absolute Sound’s debut of the masterpiece publication: “The Illustrated History of High-End Audio” this year’s theme is: Audio Legends and Today’s Innovators.

In this, the 16th annual T.H.E. Show Vegas, The Absolute Sound formally debuts its latest masterpiece publication: the 320-page, deluxe hardbound “coffee-table” book which is nearly the size of an LP cover. T.H.E. Show is the Only Place in Vegas This Week to purchase this book – and all copies sold will be first-edition, numbered copies. There are LIVE book-signing sessions with Robert Harley, Editor-In-Chief, and many contributors to the book.

Mr. Harley will present the book at T.H.E. Show’s Opening Night Reception, Tuesday from 6pm – 8:30pm and then, on Wednesday and Friday, Robert and other contributors will be on hand from Noon to 1:30PM for book signings. A limited amount of books will be available at T.H.E. Show for a special rate of $119. Ordering on-line, the cost is $129 + shipping and handling and the book is not guaranteed to be a first edition, numbered copy – with no chance of having it personally “signed”. Pick up this “Collector’s Edition” ONLY at The Show Las Vegas. It is a “must-have” for every Audiophile!

Also at the Opening Night Reception, Chad Kassem, CEO and founder of Acoustic Sounds will be honored by the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society with the announcement of their exclusive and prestigious “Founders Award”. The award will be presented to Chad later this year at the Society’s huge Gala and Dinner in December. Mr. Kassem will be debuting his HiRez DSD downloads, daily in the Acoustic Sounds booth in T.H.E. Marketplace.

T.H.E. MARKETPLACE also features the best venue in Vegas this week for those in search of high-end Headphones, rare Vinyl and CD’s, and software to be found nowhere else in the city. Purchases are available on-the-spot.

Mark Levinson, a true industry visionary with a rich history of high quality audio equipment, will be exhibiting in Conference Room F at T.H.E. Show with his Daniel Hertz S.A. line: including the M1 loudspeakers, the new M61 preamplifier and the new M5L monoblock power amplifiers. He also debuts the new compact Daniel Hertz system dubbed “Baby Daniel”. Not to be missed.

“More than half of our exhibitors at T.H.E. Show this year”, says Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show, “are new to our show – and many are new to the business”. Warner Dynamics in Conference Room C brings refreshing, new young-age thinking; Perla Audio in Red Rock 2 also debuts their new line at T.H.E. Show. Beers adds, “We have new exhibitors from China, Japan, Italy, the UK, Sweden and locations dotting the entire globe. This show is truly international and, in many cases, first entries to the Industry.”

Also, Jon Whitledge brings in his “Magic Bus” outside the Red Rock Ballroom doors with continuous “Guitar Textures” supplied by guitar virtuoso Larry Mitchell. The “Magic Bus” will be open to all “for an audio spin” during convention hours; sponsored in part by Dynaudio and Kimber Kable. Robert Harley calls the Magic Bus, “The World’s Best Car Stereo”.

Larry will be joined by Industry bass guitarist favorite: Dean Peer, sponsored by Cardas Audio in supplying great and unusual entertainment throughout T.H.E. Show.

Audio Skies, from L.A., presents Larsen’s Ortho-Acoustic speakers; Pear Audio Analogue Turntables and Tonearms and ESP cables – FOR THEIR U.S. DEBUT!

Zesto Audio Premieres the Bia 120, a pure Class A Stereo Power amp – debuting ONLY AT T.H.E. Show! Just reviewed by PFO’s Bob Levi in which he exclaims great excitement over this new development, exclaiming it to be one of the best he has ever heard (and he has heard many).

Coin Audio brings Mansion Speakers to their exhibit room; “Without music, life would be a mistake”.

Darin Fong Audio presents his latest headphones, “OUT OF YOUR HEAD” in The Marketplace claiming: “the audio software that replicates the experience of listening to high-end speakers using only headphones”.

Chapman Audio returns and proudly presents the brand new Chapman model T-5 loudspeaker at the show. “AN AMAZING VALUE”, Chapman says, at MSRP $4995 a pair.

Mark & Daniel Audio Labs and WAVAC Audio return after a few years absence. Mark and Daniel introducing the “stunning” new Opal Air 4 WIRELESS speakers, and WAVAC debuts their newest 150wpc class A, single-ended triode amplifier, the HE-833v2 monoblocks.

darTZeel, from Geneva, Switzerland, unveils its new danalogue integrated amplifiers – “BEAUTIFUL”!

Magnepan unveils its latest entry the 3.7i – with a Make-A-Wish theme, donating a pair to a deserving winner. Stop by Conference Room A and see what they are up to this year!

Perfect8 celebrates its tenth anniversary with one of the most dynamic exhibits in T.H.E. Show. Located in Red Rock VIII ballroom, Perfect 8 is joined by legendary Walker Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable, VAC electronics and Stealth cables. Just to see the high-end GLASS loudspeakers, premiering THE FORCE MKII, is worth the trip.

Also joining T.H.E. Show new this year: Questyle Audio Technology and returning with all new electronic marvels: RATOC, exhibiting with Technical Brain.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF version with more details on these specific Exhibitors.

T.H.E. (The Home Entertainment) Show LAS VEGAS
16th Annual Edition – at The Flamingo, “On The Strip”
Entrance: In the Shopping Promenade – the Executive Conference Center.
Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 9:30AM to 6PM daily.
Opening Night Reception: 6PM – 8:30PM, Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014.
Tickets: $40 for entire event or $15 daily – may be purchased at Registration in the Executive Conference Center.
Audio Press Members, CES attendees, ALMA International attendees: Enter free by showing credentials.
The Absolute Sound’s “Illustrate History of High-End Audio”: May be purchased during convention hours at T.H.E. Show Office, Bryce Boardroom in the Executive Conference Center.
Book Signing: Wednesday, January 8, and Friday, January 10, in Red Rock Ballroom VI.

Contact Information:
Richard Beers, President
T.H.E. Show: Las Vegas & Newport
[email protected]
(702) 242-4545 (PST)
The Home Entertainment Show: Las Vegas | Newport, 9325 Alameda Harbor, Las Vegas, NV 89117

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