Tips for Cooling a Meltdown


Audigoner Hopey has been running into overheating problems with his McIntosh MA600 in his party room.  What advice can you offer to anyone, not just him, experiencing a thermal meltdown?

Lower the volume a bit.

First check to make sure that there are no restrictions to air flow to the amp. If not, then yes you can use fans, but if your Def techs are a current model w 92 db 8 ohm sensitivity and you are pushing a 200 wpc amp so hard it goes into thermal shutdown, you might want to consider going w a pro sound reinforcement system (and buying stock in hearing aid companies)!!!! Really, dude, Unless your “party room” is the size of an auditorium, that amp should be able to push those speakers to 110-120 dB levels which will toast your ears pretty quickly.

Are you using any bass boost(Loudness, EQ, etc) while listening? That can overdrive an amp easily, and cause

rodman may be on to something. Bass boost would increase power demand significantly.

Fan behind amp, blowing onto amp. Doesn’t need to be a big fan. Should be able to set at Low, little/no noise. Preferably plugged into separate outlet.

Try using larger footers and place a laptop cooling fan underneath the amp.
Is your amp in a cabinet? if so, take it out.

Try taking the cabinet cover off the amp, so more air can circulate. I have a McIntosh MC402 and MD205, both in a audio cabinet. I have only had my 205 go into thermal shutdown once for a movie. I cut 4 2.5″ holes in the bottom of cabinet (audio not amp) and that let more air convect through to dissipate the heat and never have had an issue again. As far as the 402 it has never had an issue with heat.

Audiogoners, any other ideas on keeping your gear in the cool zone? Share them in the comments!

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