CES 2014 – Recommended Reading Blogroll


The Sperling Heavyweight Turntable L-1
(Credit: Sperling)

The Audiophiliac says Sterling’s new ultra high end turntable “puts a new spin on CES 2014.”

Audioarts imports the Sperling Heavyweight Turntable L-1 from Germany, and even before you hear this incredible work of art your eyes tell you this is one serious machine. The Heavyweight Turntable L-1 can accommodate two tone arms,… (Continue reading)


Crosley’s 3027 Tuner in mint green.
Photo credit: Sarah Tew/CNET

New Tech Borrows Vintage Style (gallery link)



Astell&Kern Debuts the AK240 Hi Rez Portable Listening Device

Astell&Kern follows up the debut of the MK100 at CES 2013 with this little gadget, the AK240.  Chock-full of bells and whistles, they claim it will be WiFI ready to enable easier downloading of hi rez files via partner sites (launching later this spring).  With 256GB of storage and the Wolfson 8740 DAC swapped for a pair of Cirrus Logic 4398s, the AK240 will set you back more than $1500.

We haven’t heard the AK240 yet, but we can tell you that computer messaging has come in very handy since Steve Clay has gotten his AK100 MKII; he’s usually found in his office listening to the Beach Boys or Rolling Stones, oblivious to our verbal requests.  Look for his thoughts on the AK100 MKII soon!

For more on the AK240, click on over to Digital Trends for their article.


The Krell Duo
Photo credit: Robert Kozel/Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Home Theater and High Fidelity Secrets Team covers CES 2014. (link)



(image credit: Focal)

Focal Shows Off the Dimension Soundbar

French outfit, Focal, best known for their Utopia line of high end loudspeakers, is joining the soundbar game with the Dimension. Visually, it seems clunky and takes a turn from Focal’s usual aesthetic, but you can get bass down to 30 Hz with a tabletop mount.  To read more about the specs and pricing, see what Steve Guttenberg had to say here.


Audio Technica ATH-AG1
Photo credit: David Carnoy/CNET

17 Slick New Headphones at CES 2014 (link)


Audiogoners, do you have any other CES 2014 articles to add to the recommended reading list?  Add your links to the comments below!


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