Whovian Alert: Life-Size Dalek Exterminates Ears with Car Audio Gear


There are publicity stunts, and then there are publicity stunts. In honor of Dr. Who’s 50th Anniversary and designed to show off their new car audio gear, Massive Audio built a life-size Dalek by hand. CNET’s Amanda Kooser writes:

Massive Audio is advertising the “Massive Dalek” as the world’s loudest and largest Bluetooth speaker. It’s definitely effective geek-bait. I zeroed in on it with no problem, just following the flashing lights and unmistakable voice. This is the sort of stunt that makes the Consumer Electronics Show fun.

dalek massive

Amanda Kooser/CNET

The Dalek sports 40 speakers, a honking subwoofer, and Bluetooth connection that lets a user control it remotely, triggering it to threaten to exterminate the human species, or simply play a rocking tune at a very high volume. The team that built it hand-turned parts like the plunger arm on a lathe. The attention to detail is impressive.

To continue reading and check out a video of the Dalek shouting its catchphrase of “EXTERMINATE”, click here.


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