Babybear’s System

In 2007 we started a home remodel project that included re-building our dedicated music room from the ground up. The finished product turned out very well.


The room dimensions are 20 feet wide, 33 feet long with 12 foot ceilings and is suspended above our garage.


We used 3 layers of 3/4″ plywood for the subfloor and included ASC’s wall damp material between the top 2 layers. The walls and ceiling were built using ASC’s Iso Wall and Iso Ceiling products and techniques. We then used a combination of Real Traps, RPG and ASC on wall acoustic treatments with an emphasis on diffusion to treat the interior of the room.



The electric power design includes the use of a 10Kva isolation transformer, feeding a dedicated sub panel with bolt-in breakers with 12 dedicated 20 amp outlets. The wiring is manually twisted 10 gauge solid copper strands for positive, neutral and ground, run through flexible steel conduit and uses Hubbell isolated ground outlets.


The transformer itself has its own dedicated ground rod – the ground rod has a copper exterior, 2″ in diameter with a ceramic center fill. The 11 foot long rod ground hole is back filled with a mixture of betonite and water to achieve very low resistance. We also installed a dedicated central air conditioner unit for the room to insure very quiet and comfortable temperatures even with tube electronics in the summer heat of Texas.

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