Shipping Made Easy

We are very excited to bring you a complete shipping solution designed as an integral part of our updated listing process. We built it from the ground up to work seemlessly behind the scenes to simplify the entire shipping process for both the buyer and the seller.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.44.20 AM

Charge Actual, Exact Shipping Cost

While you can still choose to pay for shipping yourself, specify local pickup only or charge your buyers a flat rate for shipping, you now also have the option to specify which carriers you are willing to use and then let the buyer select which service they would like to pay for when they Buy It Now, make an offer or place the winning bid in an auction. This eliminates the need to finalize shipping costs after a sale but before the buyer submits payment, which often gets in the way of completing the transaction leading to a lost sale.

See Estimated Shipping Costs While Creating Your Listing

When you enter the dimensions of your packed item while creating your listing, our Shipping Estimator will show you the estimated fee for each service available from the carriers you select. In the example below the seller selected that the buyer will pay shipping.  The seller will then select where they will ship from and where they are willing to ship to.  Upon entering the dimensions of your shipment box, the shipping estimator will display estimated rates.  The seller then selects the carriers they are willing to ship with.  The seller then determines if they want to offer a flat rate for shipping based on the estimator, or if they want the buyer to select the “actual cost”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.06.51 AM

Buyer Selects the Shipping Service They Want

When you configure your listing to have the buyer pay the “actual” cost for shipping, they will select which service they want when they use Buy It Now, make an offer or win your auction.  The example below show a buyer making an offer to a seller who has selected for the buyer to pay shipping using the “actual cost”.  When a buyer goes to make an offer, we now have the ship to address and we are able to return the true cost of shipping for that item based on the dimensions the seller provided.


Shipping Cost Included at Checkout

The cost for the service the buyers select will be added to their total when they checkout and be passed on to you along with their payment for your item.


Print Shipping Labels

Once you’ve received payment for your item and the shipping charges you can purchase a shipping label directly from the Order confirmation page.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.59.57 AM

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