Selling Audio Equipment Online

So you found an old amplifier from college in the attic? Or maybe it’s time to part ways with a well-loved component so you can get something better? Selling high-end audio equipment online is a little more involved than making a Facebook post and having it sold later that day (By the way, your Aunt Carol commented “$2,000 FOR A POWER CABLE???”). You want to get your audio equipment online in front of other hobbyists who appreciate the craftsmanship and potential of what your component can do for their system.

That’s why Audiogon was started 20 years ago. To foster a community of like-minded, diverse-opinionated audiophiles all over the world, and create a marketplace where they could buy and sell their high-end audio equipment online in their dogged pursuit of The Ultimate System.


Audiogon was built for audiophiles by audiophiles. Since 1998, we’ve carved out a corner of the Internet where enthusiasts can go to discuss, show off, buy, and sell high-end audio equipment online.

It’s tempting to sell your audio equipment on a place like eBay because… well, it’s eBay. But how many people are on the site to look for a ZYX UNIverse Premium turntable cartridge? How many even know what that is? A very small fraction of a very small fraction.

Every visitor to Audiogon loves high-end audio. We’re not talking about a a few thousand people. With 6 Million pageviews and 223K+ unique users a month, we can guarantee your listing will be getting in front of people on the hunt for what you’re selling. Price it right with our Audio Bluebook, and you may even convert window shopper who can’t pass up a deal.


With two different listing options, we give you control over how you list, whether that’s paying a higher insertion fee upfront with no transaction fee (Premium/Pay Now) or a low insertion fee with a small transaction fee when sold (Basic/Pay Later), we offer the flexibility to low transaction fees and  Old-timers lament about “the days of the $2 listing.” However, even as we’ve adjusted for inflation over 20 years, our fees are still the most competitive among any relevant marketplaces.

For instance, our transaction fees are only 3.5% for Pay Later listings while others’ are 10%. Plus, our transaction fees are calculated based on the price the item sells for. While others’ transaction fees are based on the item sell price and shipping costs. A 60-lb mono block that costs $150 to ship would be an extra $15 taken out of your wallet elsewhere. In our humble opinion, that’s ludicrous.


The average listing price on Audiogon is $1,500. Let’s compare.

Sell Audio Equipment Online - Audiogon vs eBay

eBay data verified with their Fee Calculator

The difference is obvious. You could list five items on Audiogon for the same cost as selling one item on eBay. And that’s not just for equipment. If you were wanting to sell vinyl music online, we’re still the most competitive in that category, as well.