New Site Features and Stats

You can now sort by Category in your search results:  Now when you perform searches, your search results will now show the sub category listed instead of classified or auction.   Many of you requested this to better identify the type of equipment listed.  If you would like to sort the results by category, simply click on Category on the column header.

My Bill Is Available:  We have simplified the process to pay.  You now have the ability to save and store your credit card for easy payment options.  You can now view and pay your My Bill at anytime.

Bug Fixes and Speed Improvements: We’ve made a number of bug fixes from our user feedback, thank you for sharing with us. We’ve also improved the site speed and our server response times are now around 200 ms. To continue increasing our speed we are planning on many speed improvements over the next few weeks.

Site Stats

We are pleased to report more exposure for your listings with increased site traffic since our launch. This has been an area of concern by many users stating that our traffic has dropped since launch. This is not the case, below we have shared information with you from Google Analytics which is the premiere website tracking tool available. Many of you have pointed to our Quantcast numbers which are inaccurate. Currently, the Quantcast number only reflects the visitors on the pages of our old website (ie. forums, feedback, virtual systems etc). The visitors on the new updated pages are not being calculated on Quantcast and that’s why you may have seen drop in our numbers.

As you can see from the visitor overview chart above traffic, our traffic after the launch is up about 10% and our traffic has become much more consistent.  What this means for you, is more people looking at your listings. Part of our goal with the new site was to make it easier for website search engines to find your ad and our site so that we could drive more traffic for you.


  1. I cant even put a listing up! You won’t release my $46 to place an ad. The reason there is more traffic id do to the complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nice. I see my balance is now $9.

      I told audiogon the buyer didn’t follow through and now I am billed for a transaction that did not take place.

      THANKS AUDIOGON for NOT listening or getting back to me on numerous emails over the last 3 weeks.

      I cannot fight a buisness run from a P.O. box so you can keep the $9 and you have lost a member with just under 300 feedback!

      P,S. you will need the $9 in this recession and with loss of members.

      1. We have just now gotten access to accounts turned back on. We hope to have all transaction refunds completed today. If you have sent us a case already we will get it done, if not please do so at

  2. Here is a change that would be helpful and save when listing items like records. If a person is
    listing 10 records one right after another it would be nice if you had the same action as the
    old system. In the old system a lot of the info already filled in your listing form and you would
    not have to type it in again. Example: The size of the record 12″ 12″ 12″. And maybe throww
    in Media Mail or Other when it comes to shipping. Also, maybe where it ask the type of music
    you could add Country and Soundtrack. Thanks Eddiekun

  3. i still can’t login in to my account after sending emails and changing my
    password. tring to resend my comfermation email.i have 2 classified ads now on
    your site.why don’t you show a little professionalism and help me login to my
    account.i have email from people wanting to maybe buy my equiptment but cannot email them cause i cannot login to get their email address. my username is hglen

  4. Now that you have the Category for the listings up and running, is there a possibilty that you could have all the amps, preamps, recievers, etc….grouped together instead of shuffled ?

  5. Site looks a lot better – Great Improvements – But one big issue is Buyers and Sellers communicating through our own email accounts Old Way, and not on your servers.

    When are you going to bring back the old tried and true contact method for buyers and sellers communicating through their email accounts and not on your servers, this worked very well for over 13 years since 1998. There’s a large number of posts about this in the last 2-3 weeks. In addition if we have more than one ad, there’s no subject information in the AudioGon Email about our Ad or Ads, all this is now gone.

    Case in Point:
    Selling a used cartridge – buyer contacted me through your system and there was no contact information for buyer and seller. i.e our mutual email addresses. All our communications went thru your servers Example: (Buyer made an lower offer of 20% less than asking price, after I agreed, she contacted again asking me to include shipping to Canada Cost of $40 + eating the PayPal Fee) all this went through your servers and that information was and is still posted to the bottom of the ads. I kept instructing the buyer to please contact me at my email address or phone number stated in the ad and my replies all which can be seen by other buyers were as this was posted at the bottom of the ad. To no avail, Buyer still contacted again through your system. As I result I had to cancel my ad. since the perceived value of the cartridge was lowered by 20% an all the other nonsense. All these confidential communications should be directed between buyer and seller, not for all to see in the ad.

    Please let us know when you’re going to fix this ongoing issue.

    PS: I did contact customer support last week and received no direct response to my request.
    JAN 22, 2012 | 10:45AM EST
    Audiogon Support 6 replied:
    Thanks so much for your taking the time to share your feedback with us. We value your opinion and rely on your suggestions to improve our site further.

    Thank you, Jeff

    1. Agreed. The old communication method was much cleaner and easier. I also take issue when buying an item that i was REQUIRED to give the seller my phone #. I can see this as an option, but by no means necessary. Email is the primary and most of the time, ONLY, form of communication — and it works just fine. I don’t want to give out my phone # to everyone I transact with! I don’t know these people!

  6. While I do see some improvements in the site it is still very far from being as useable as the old site. The speed seems, to me, way down and I am always waiting for the page to change. This is a nightmare when doing large postings of classifieds. As far as increased exposure, if your number of views is correct on each classified listing then you are WAY down from the old site. I would estimate that the number of views as reported now is probably only 20 -30% of what I used to get on the old site. I hope all these (and many other) issues get cleared up soon.

  7. I have to admit that I’m impressed with the way in which you are handling the Audiogon site upgrade. I appreciate that you are considering member’s concerns and needs as you work diligently to improve the Audiogon experience.

    I view Audiogon as a spectacular site and the one stop shop for the best audio deals in the world.
    Keep up the good work


  8. This is B.S. I know my numbers are in the basement. No emails to speak of, or sales. It took me 5 minutes to get to this page to post a response. I’ll bet it never gets posted either. Pretty much none of the links you put up work. What a shame, this was a nice site…

  9. Speaking with everyone I know on the site. Things are not selling anywhere near where they were on the old site. 30-40% at best?

    When will the auction feature be activated and will there be a link for software auctions?

    1. Hopefully their next “site statistics” post will compare the number of listings and number of sales to the site from before. Those are the only stats that actually matter,

  10. The current buyer inquiry Audiogon advisory EMail are not as good as the previous
    way I used to receive buyer
    inquiries. When are you going back to the old format?I absolutely HATE this new
    way I am receiving buyer inquiries.

  11. keep the stats – how about giving us back basic functionality – emailing member, virtual system editing, etc – this is all very disappointing

  12. please restore equipment search by area code. Before, i could go to area code search and type in a partial (or full) area code and get mant local listings.

    1. This feature is available. If you enter the zip code in the search bar it will pull all the ads from that zip code. We will be adding a radius search.

  13. So the $46 in my account when can you activate it so I may place an ad. That is why I put it there.. Answer? please..

      1. Considering the current state of Audiogon why would I trust Audiogon with my credit card information. Honestly guys your I.T. provider really has blown it.

        I might be interested in purchasing your old software – how much?

  14. Hello
    I would like to see the listing the old way : by category AND by date, will this be possible soon ?
    I think it should be the default listing…

    Also : i have some money on my Audiogon account (24$), but i can’t use it to list new items… i only have the choice of using Paypal or give my credit card number… what’s going on ?

    Best regards,

    1. Yes Nicolas, that would be an obvious way to sort a basic search, or by date, but we all know that analytical thinking is lost on this bunch. As it stands now, it seems to be sorted on… nothing?

      BTW, I can’t figure out what bit of info “Best Match” uses to sort. If it was sorted on an invisible field, which would usually be the primary-key, then it should automatically sort by date, since the larger primary-key number would be a newer listing (in most cases).

  15. You guys have major security issues.

    First, i’m getting what appear to be fraudulent inquiries on every ad placed requesting personal information. Unfortunately, that personal information is provided by Audiogon for all transactions…prior to money exchanging hands.

    In addition, you are requiring members to log into their Paypal accounts within the Audiogon system which opens parties up to much greater risk. Personally, I do not enter login passwords when the information is transmitted within another websites software.

    I have noticed that several members are expressing their unhappiness with the removal of the ability to email parties directly. I do not see any responses from Audiogon to those posts. It’s as if that topic is being skipped and Audiogon is replying to other topics. This is a key function to the community for many reasons. Most transactions take several back and forth discussions to complete. This will not occur withing the current confines, it just doesn’t work. in addition, the whole concept of community stems from communication. What made this place special was the relationships that resulted from participation. It has been stated over and over as members express their anger at the changes that have been made….and quite frankly, it’s such an obvious thing that it makes you wonder about how decisions are made around here.

      1. Could not agree more. Additionally, for whatever reason, I was required to supply my phone # during the buy process. I can see this as an option, however, by no means it is a necessity. I have never supplied phone # to buyer or seller; email works just fine for ALL communication. I completely am against the idea of having to give out my phone # to total strangers.

    1. So far nothing works as well as the old and unbroken site. I can’t find items for sale at a members page. I can’t see where an item is located by using the zip code. There seems to be no way of contacting a seller or buyer regarding an item. The listings are just a printed jumble of unrelated items. Before these changes I saw no evidence of a site being disabled. It was easy to navigate and fun to browse through. I could look up a member and find out if they had anything on the market. I could contact a member to ask questions regarding an item they might have listed. I could look at a zip code and determine where that item was located. No longer. At this point it seems this site is totally dysfunctional. It is not user friendly. Audiogon was a unique community of people with a common interest. Now it seems as if it has been just tossed up into the wind. If changes are to be made, then shouldn’t everything be in place before flipping the switch? Put the old back till the new is ready. PLEASE ! ! ! !

      1. I did not see a way to leave member feedback on the transaction page during a sale??? The sale was also marked “completed” (or to that effect) before I had even received the item. The process obviously has to include receipt of item and feedback exchanged, just like the old way.

  16. I believe you site is having many problems and this is reflected in the paucity of new listings. Access is very slow and often fails. The information posted is not in a format that is as useful as before. I suggest that you abandon the new format and return to the older one.

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