Advanced Selling Guide

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Listing Upgrades

Audiogon offers several upgrades to help make your listing more attractive.

Listing Upgrades

Add thumbnail, bold or featured options to make your listing more attractive.


Makes your listing stand out in the Marketplace.



Thumbnail makes your listing more prominent by displaying your equipment photo on on browse pages.


Featured Listing

Includes Thumbnail and Bold. Featured listings appear on the home page, on its respective category page, and in the Forums.

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You can promote your listing to the top of the most active pages on Audiogon.


If you feel your listing hasn’t gained any traction after two weeks of being live, add any listing upgrades you didn’t previously choose to increase visibility. If you have had no engagement like watch list adds or questions consider lowering your price,, as your pricing may be out-of-line with users’ opinion. Don’t take less than what want for your item, but make sure you are asking a fair market value—especially if you haven’t received any offers.

If your item sold, congrats! Get in touch with the buyer and communicate about any logistics and delivery date. Audiogon allows you to create and print shipping labels directly from the site. Don’t forget to leave feedback for your transaction.


If your item didn’t sell, you may need to evaluate why. Change out your pictures or add more. Research your pricing, as it might not be aligned with market demand. Improve your descriptions. Shipping could also be the issue. If you set a flat rate or specify after sale, try changing it to actual cost. Buyers are often wary of perceived overcharging (flat rate) or the unknown (specify after sale). Define your shipping dimensions and carriers so users can easily predict that cost using our shipping estimator. You could even look at paying for the shipping yourself if it’s not a large item to add even more value.